hi. i'm clarese, Nice to meet you!



My name is Clarese Grant & I am a Design Ninja.

I really enjoy advertising because it gives me a way to speak out to those around me indirectly. I also use design as my way to intrigue. I love the natural curiosity that all people are born with and through design, I am able to sneak into the subconscious & question and captivate the mind. I’ve come to believe that designers are mental ninjas because they have the ability to slip past your comfortable conscious zone within seconds and get you to look at something under a whole new light without your direct permission .. This field is very powerful & it’s important that I use my power for the good of others. Art & design has such a beautiful, delicate balance about it as far as the difference between inspiration and propaganda. Although I am an advertiser, I am a human first & I treat others how I would like to be treated. My design stems from a deep desire to inspire, help, & raise the world around me instead of manipulate and deceive in order to convince ideas and motives.

My forte ranges from posters, logos, branding and photography as well as some web design but I am more interested in the print realm of design. I am inspired by the digital world that we live in and I am appreciative of the ability to share it with so many people worldwide, but there's just something about being able to hang up a flyer or poster in a certain area and know that you're going to be talking to a smaller, more specific group of people. I guess this goes back to my moral obligations because helping and building starts with a few and then it’s shared from there. Being raised in Brooklyn, NY, I grew a deep connection to graffiti, street art and urban societies due to it’s unique rarity. Although graffiti is nothing new or special, it’s always unique because it’s really one of a kind. There’s themes and reoccurring similarities amongst street art worldwide, but theres always a different story behind each person creating that specific piece. I see posters and flyers under the same light. The only difference is that it can be printed and copied a thousand times over, but it’s most likely to affect a smaller community of people rather than a general public. Design to me is all about the connection ... Besides all that, it also stems from my personality because I have never really been the biggest socialite.

Another thing about my style of design that maybe isn't so much derived from my personality, is my love for simplicity and cleanliness. The less content, the more effective. This mindset is inspired by Swiss design as far as the highly minimalistic concept. Now of course, I know from working for a range of different clients, sometimes this is not always possible and that there are exceptions to the rules. But for the most part, simplicity is key ; a simple clean layout plus the right typography equals the ultimate eye candy.

Positivity and honesty are two of the most important aspects to keep in mind and I try my best to live by and through them everyday. My opinion is that they can be applied to literally everything .. your lifestyle, attitude, handwriting, art, design, anything. The more that you try to channel positive energy in your affairs and general output, the easier it will shift from an effort to an instinct. I try my best to show this through my projects, design and photography because my art is an extension of me.